Snow Day!

Finally some real snow for the kids to enjoy. It’s wet and slushy but the kids liked being in it during the after school playground time. When I took LittleN home from her pueterspeelzaal it just started to barely snow – almost at the stage between snow and rain. LittleN told me, as we were walking home, that it, the snow, looks like Christmas and sugar and bird poop. This as we were trying to dodge all of dog poop in the grass trying to get to the sidewalk. The snow stopped after we got home. When we went to pick up LittleE, it was a different story. Tons of wet slush all over the place. At the playground, all of the little kids whose parents let them stay to play, started to make snowballs and toss them. LittleN got one in the face, which she wasn’t to happy about (see above picture). One little boy in LittleE’s class went around knocking the snowballs out of kid’s hands and stomping on them quite vigorously. LittleN just went around wiping her nose on my pant leg.