Marmite Trials

On my recient trip to London I had a couple of grilled Marmite and cheese toasties for breakfast. My brother, having never tried the stuff, wanted to know what is is and how it is made, and how it tastes. I had no idea – just what’s on the label: “yeast extract”, no idea, salty and can be quite strong if not spread thinly- the first time I tried it I spread it quite liberally on toast, like jam – the folly of ignorance! I had to look a little online to find out that it is spent brewer’s yeast from Britain’s Bass brewers plus a few other added ingredients. So just a couple of days ago I decided to pull my little pot out of the fridge and have a go at it again. (I did not realize that you can keep it a room temperature and an open jar will stay fresh and potent for more than three years on the shelf!) My first thought when I opened the jar and took a sniff was, “Wow, a bouillon cube.” A hopeful and propitious beginning?