Guest Author: Mrs.S

Mr.K was sick this morning, so I took the kids to school. After dropping LittleN off, I pulled up to an intersection. It was a misty morning and visibility was poor, plus there were lots of cars parked along the intersecting street, so I pulled out slowly – saw a car coming and stopped again. A moment later, there was a loud bump behind me, and despite my brakes being engaged my car moved into the intersection. I’d been hit from behind. Thankfully, the car approaching from the side didn’t hit me when I was pushed into the intersection. The other driver was another mom dropping her older child off – she had a 2-month old baby in the back sleeping through it all. She was extraordinarily nice about it and said right from the start that it was her responsibility. She even came over this evening to help me fill out my part of the insurance forms correctly. She asked me about my Dutch. I told her I try to practice, but it’s so easy to speak English in this country that the person you get in an accident with comes over to help translate for you! I’m almost a bit sad – I quite liked her, but how do you invite someone over who’s just recently rear-ended you?