Star Wars crazed!

X-Wing Fighter

I found out yesterday that our three flights of stairs are in actuality a polar trench of a Death Star. LittleE’s radiator up on the third floor (the 2nd floor by the Dutch) is the thermal exhaust port that needs defending. The kids have only seen the first of the Star Wars movies or as my son corrects me, the fourth. Now LittleE does not have any Star Wars Legos but he has a lot of other kinds though. He went into his sister’s room and built, with her help and her Duplo blocks, a Star Destroyer. Out of his regular bricks he built a couple of Tie-Fighters. These should be enough to keep the house safe by protecting his room from any X-Wing Fighters that might come up the trench. If any got through and sent a proton torpedo down his radiator then the whole house would blow up! He also told me that if any got through then he would use one of his plastic swords to smash them. All of the boys in his class are Star Wars fanatics. For the longest time, LittleE was the only boy in his class who had not seen any of the movies. (Yes I felt a little peer-pressure on behalf of my son so he could play better with the other boys- I saw the first movie when I was seven and he is getting close to that.) “The Girls” in his class, however, are not interested. No to General Grievous, Bad Anakin, or anything/body else. All this time I never knew that we’re renting a fully operational battle station.


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