Rebels without a cause

Today we were plunking around in the center of The Hague, it being a nice day for walking around. We tried to take a little tour of the Binnenhof . We went to to the desk and asked about the guided tour. The guide advised us against it. He said it was too boring for little kids and the tour was all in Dutch. So we satisfied ourselves with a small perusal in the waiting room (really it was more like a large church crypt than anything else). There was a paper model of the Ridderzaal and the surrounding buildings, various stone grave slabs(for the lack of a better word) about 7 feet tall standing against the wall. There was also an illuminated (as in manuscript) family tree of the house of Oranje-Nassau. William III ‘s picture was the one who most interested me. After awhile there was not much left to do so we left. We plunked around the courtyard while the kids chased pigeons. As we were leaving another group came in. It was a small group of about 15 people and two of them were waving the Tibetan flag and shouting “Free Tibet” and something else in Dutch. They were going the same way we needed to go so we inadvertently joined their procession (15 protesters to 19 – not a bad increase 21%). Mrs.S saw thier flags and asked, ” Are we part of a protest or something?” This as we saw the police van and officers waiting on the other side of the passageway.


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