I’m a bike rider!

LittleN rode her bike today. In passing, I mentioned to LittleE about getting the bike out but LittleN was the one who got excited. She ran upstairs to get some socks, she put them on all herself, got her shoes boots and jacket on and was waiting buy the front door before I could even find my shoes. So we went out back and got the bike out of our little cobwebby shed. As soon as the door was open she went inside looking for her helmet. First she wanted to wear her helmet over her coat’s hood. It took a little persuading but the hood came down and the helmet went on. LittleE was just looking out of the window at us. All he wanted to do was just to play inside with Legos all day long. (Tomorrow though, will be different for him – it’s his turn on the bike.) Anyway, I lifted LittleN onto the bike and she got very excited about being on it. She couldn’t see where she was going or steer the bike because all she wanted to do was look at her feet pedaling the bike. As we were going down the block she was saying things like, “Look at me, I’m pedaling!” , or, “Is this LittleE’s Bike?”, or, “I’m a bike rider!”, or, “I want to show LittleI (who lives down the street) my bike.” She was so proud herself when we got home she wanted me to call Mommy so she could tell her what she did. I was proud of her too!


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