A few days ago I went to London with my brother Kurt. In two days I received a very sound understanding of the London Underground system. My first thoughts when I saw the tube trains was you’ve got to be kidding. The Paris Metro was nicer, easier to understand and cheaper to ride. Rome’s Metro was drab and little smelly but it least it was inexpensive. The London tube looked old, run-down and tired and, paychecks beware, quite pricey. There were no trash cans to be found anywhere, only small plastic rings with clear trash bags in them – filled to the brim with trash, but they did not seem to be placed in any sort of way to maximize utility. Anti-pigeon technology was deployed everywhere (for which I was grateful) along with video surveillance equipment (for which I understood – having gone through Kings Cross Station.)

On the first day we went to Windsor Castle, The Museum of Natural History, The Science Museum, Houses of Parliament/ Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. On the second day we went to St. Paul’s, The London Eye, The Templar Church, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Platform 9 3/4 and 221b Baker Street. Then I caught my flight back to Schipol. Whew! Living here in Europe and going to see all of the things there are to see, I am starting to see the wisdom in Thoreau’s quote,

“I have traveled a good deal in Concord. “


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